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Here’s how to Hide Likes on Instagram Reels

While Instagram lets you turn off likes on your own posts and other people’s posts. That said, there’s no option to hide the number of likes on Instagram rolls. Though utmost generators would n’t want to hide likes and views on their rolls for egregious reasons. At the same time, there are druggies who like to have further control and choose what works best for them.

Can I hide likes on Instagram rolls after posting?
Do n’t want to show how numerous likes your roll has got or want to hide the suchlike count on your rolls?

Unlike posts, Instagram does n’t let you hide like counts on your own rolls when you partake them. Luckily, we’ve set up a workaround to hide likes on Instagram rolls. Note that you can not turn off the suchlike count on other people’s rolls and it’s not possible to hide views on Instagram rolls, moreover.

Also, there’s no way to turn off roll likes through the Instagram app for iPhone and Android. You rather have to visit Instagram’s desktop website on a computer or mobile to do the said task.

Now let’s see how you can hide your likes on Instagram rolls.

How to hide like count on Instagram Reels in a cybersurfer on your computer and log in to your account.
On the Instagram website, click your profile picture and go to “ Profile ”. instagram web interpretation
Go to the “ rolls ” tab and open the roll whose likes you want tohide.reels tab in instagram desktop website
Click the “ ellipsis icon ”( 3- blotches) at the to hide like count on instagram rolls
Elect the “ Hide like count ” option to turn off the to hide likes on instagram rolls
Voila! The total likes will now be fully hidden in the Instagram app.

turn off likes on your own rolls
Number of likes hidden in Instagram roll
Note One can still view the list of people( up to some extent) who liked a certain roll using Instagram’s web interpretation.


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